Put your love to the test

love-testerDo you know of couples at the workplace who often compete with other couples as to who is the most compatible? I personally get sick when I see plenty of PDAs going around (Public Displays of Affection for the clueless), so I decided that there has to be a gadget that puts all arguments to rest by quantifying the amount of love a person has for the other and vice versa. After scouring through the Net, I managed to come up with this gem of a device called the Love Tester.

Featuring male and female touch pads on both ends, this device requires a couple to join hands romantically, watching the final result being displayed on the love meter. There will be ten LEDs of different color to denote a scale, where green denotes you both are dead fish, while yellow is intermediate and red indicates the romance is still fizzing away. Visual cues are not the only indicator, as the Love Tester includes an audible alarm that corresponds to the current "love level". Powered by a single 9V battery, the $16.95 Love Tester is guaranteed to be a hoot whenever you pull it out, whether it is at the office or in a social setting.

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