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Live Dealer Blackjack: Best Of Both Worlds?

Online casinos, as many people know, have been around since the 1990s, and have experience steady growth year after year. We can say that by now (2017) the online casino has really reached a new degree of maturity, and one of the products of this mature industry is the rapidly growing phenomenon of live dealer blackjack.

Sites like have starting springing up, representing this exciting new trend in online casino gaming. We for one are very happy about this new development, and truly think this is the best of both words. In the interest of objectivity, however, we are going to present to you some of the pros and cons of live dealer blackjack as opposed to the more typical computer-controlled version.


The biggest pro is that this game is usually played with a real physical deck of cards physically shuffled by the live dealer. In fact, in some circles, the typical computer-run blackjack is actually referred to as “RNG blackjack” and many people feel that RNGs are incapable of generating truly random numbers, and that patterns tend to crop up in RNGS. This is a very debatable issue, but it’s a massive one, when you think about the amounts of money involved in this industry. In any case, if you are playing RNG blackjack, stick with sites that regularly submit themselves to third-party audits by certified organizations, to ensure you are being treated fairly.

Indeed, after this issue, there isn’t that much to talk about as far as the pros go. Many users feel that the human factor is super important in playing, and live dealer blackjack online allows them to get that without having to go to a brick and mortar casino. It’s also virtually identical to the blackjack you or I may have grown up with, thus adding that cultural familiarity factor to the mix.


There is one main downside to playing live dealer blackjack: it is a bit slower to play as you are waiting on said live dealer, as well as other live players, and this for some people means less game flow. This of course is very much a YMMW (Your Mileage May Vary) type of situation and depends heavily on your own personality and preferences.

The other downside, which in our opinion is relatively minor, is that minimums are usually higher and options for gameplay are a little less flexible with live dealers. This of course is something that is anticipated to slowly disappear over time, as the word gets out about live dealer blackjack and popularity keeps rising.

In the End:

After considering everything, the decision is, as always, yours. Do you prefer the authentic experience of live dealer or the pace and control of RNG? It’s up to you.