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A Brief History Of Roulette

Roulette has since it’s inception been associated with elegance and sophistication. While this is still definitely the truth, these days it’s easier and easier to get your roulette on. Whereas back in the day you might have had to put your best formal wear on and go to a fancy and expensive casino with high minimums just to get a taste of this game, now you can just log on to a great online casino, like www.casinoformoney.com, for instance, and get the roulette experience while sipping on your favorite coffee relaxing in your own palace.


Roulette in French means “little wheel” and in fact the game did have its start in 18th-century France, surrounded by royalty, legend, mystery and controversy.

To be honest, a lot of the facts that we have regarding its exact origins are vague and laced with the superstitions of the time. We know that the roulette wheel was loosely based on Blaise Pascal’s perpetual motion machine, and we also know that the game was seen in Paris as early as 1796, played of course by royalty.

People in those days often associated it with the devil, because, among other things, the numbers on a roulette wheel add up to 666. French culture abounds with legends of prominent people selling their souls to the devil in exchange for knowledge of how to master the roulette wheel and win big.


As the game made its way around the world, casinos started making their own versions of the games, usually in attempt to make the odds more in favor of the house, which is typical of any casino game.

Today, however, there are two main variants. The European version, which is considered to be much closer to roulette’s roots, has a single zero, and much more complicated betting rules. The American version, on the other hand, sports a double zero, but has a vastly simplified betting and scoring.

Online Roulette:

Since the 1990s, online gambling has made the scene, and now in 2017 as of this writing, it is more popular than ever, having just recently passed traditional brick and mortar gambling in popularity and market share.

Definitely, online roulette has multiple advantages, including the ability to switch between playing rules often with just a button click. Also, online casinos often allow you to streamline parts of the betting process, allowing for more and quicker action.

Because of their higher volume and lower overhead, online casinos can also often offer better odds than traditional casinos would ever dare to offer.

For more information regarding this great game, and some strategies to help you get in the winning zone more often, click here and read up.