Geeky Earrings

Earring_2 Although I could not find the site where you can get these cool earrings, Red Ferret pointed me to this site where you can see the different designs this very creative person made with capacitors, resistors, and other electronic parts. Impressive and by far the best use of creativity I've seen! I'd actually wear them.


  1. TecnoCHICA 26 May, 2006 at 02:45

    Aretes para chicas geek

    Diodos, cables IDE, chips y otros elementos claves para el buen funcionamiento de un ordenador son ahora objeto de deseo por parte de los dise├▒adores de moda. Estos son los accesorios a partir de componentes electr├│nicos mas bonitos que he visto, e…

  2. Rose 25 May, 2006 at 19:35

    Heck yea me too!
    Post the link to the site when you find it, I really want those that look like stars.

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