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Why You Need A Fightstick

Some of us are older than others, and fondly remember the 80’s, especially the gaming experience in the 80’s. Maybe we went to the local arcades often with rolls of quarters and eyes gleaming. Maybe we sat at home all afternoon with our friends killing it on our Atari 2600s. Or maybe we even did a little bit of both, depending on circumstances.

Evolution And Devolution:

Anybody from that era got used to playing with a trusty joystick, which is something that went out of fashion in gaming controllers for a long long time. Fortunately it has come back hard and fast recently, in the form of the fightstick. Xbox and ps4 fightstick ideas are constantly coming into play and evolving, even as this article is being written.

There are of course many factors that come into play when choosing a fightstick. Individual tastes can and will vary, often to extremes. Some people like a really stiff action, others prefer a super sensitive “skating rink” style controller. There are other factors like sizes of the sticks and buttons, their layout, and the size of the controller itself that come into play.

When To Use A Fightstick:

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Fightsticks, as their name implies, are designed for specific applications, although individual players may choose to use a fightstick for styles of gaming where one is not normally used, and there are styles of gaming where some top gamers are using sticks and others are using controllers.

Typically fightsticks are the controller of choice for people playing fighting games (hence the name), such as the famous EVO games. However, even for these, there are a select few players who still use traditional stock controllers. It is becoming more and more uncommon, however. Certain moves and techniques, especially for example those requiring multiple button presses, are just easier with a fightstick. This is the main reason for its return to the pantheon of gaming controllers in today’s day and age.

Summing Up:

Many people out there are still using the stock controllers for everything, and would be surprised how much their gaming experience could be upgraded by purchasing a fightstick controller. Be sure to try various makes and models out before making your final decision. It could very well be that a whole new dimension of gaming pleasure is there for you right around the corner and you didn’t even know it!