Big Daddy Driver

For those who do a spot of golfing and yet do not have the skills to turn professional, then I would suggest toting around the Big Daddy Driver the next time you head out for the greens. During distressful moments where your ball ends up in the rough due to poor skill, the wrong driver, bad wind conditions or a combination of all three, the Big Daddy Driver is here to help. This weed whacker in disguise bends the rules of golfing since nothing has been mentioned about changing the area around the ball. The Big Daddy Driver can be used to neatly trim the area around your ball, allowing you to strike the ball even better without all the unnecessary distraction around. It will retail for $50 and is powered by half a dozen AA batteries, but woe to you should the golf club authorities discover the culprit who leaves patches of neatly trimmed grass.

Source: OhGizmo!

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