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Dependency To Other Classes Can Create Technical Debt

When any class structure has to depend too much on other classes then it becomes very hard to maintain the code system properly and effectively to produce the desired result. Therefore, when you want to bring a change in a code system you must understand the level of dependency on the associated classes and focus on its reduction as well for an effective change. For this purpose you will have to take both quality of the code system as well as the architectural structure of it into careful consideration. Knowing the complexity of the code system will make the work easier for the software development team.

Work In Unison

The responsibility of deigning a code system which is not only elegant and useful but also easy to maintain, reusable and extensible is not of the software development team alone. It is necessary or the non-technical team to work in unison as well to bring the effective design. Therefore, it is essential that all the teams share a common viewpoint regarding the code’s complexity, quality and proper designing. There is a specific degree of subjectivity required which you cannot avoid easily and with the common viewpoint shared it will be easy to quantify the satiety and fragility in a code base.

Determine The Extra Load

To design the best code system you will have to put extra workload on the team as well as on you. Quantifying and determining such extra load is required to decide whether or not the change is required in the synchronous communication to the asynchronous ones. When such determination is made clear the teams can make the best use of the available and proven framework, patterns and tools that is required for the granular services. This will enable to satisfy one requirement at a time and will also help the team to keep the code design simple. All this will result in better functioning of the code which will be error free as well.

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Necessity Of Change  

Necessity of change in codes and reworking on it cannot be overlooked for better service. The code may be designed long ago by a different team and the process and technology used at that time may be improper for the perfect development of the code. There may not be enough time to test or go back to the code which resulted in improper stack as well. All these may result in manifestation of several problems in the code over time which includes scalability, performance, long enhancement time cycle, convoluted schema, production outage and others.

Repayment Of Tech Debt

Tech debt can cause considerable damage to the code, the company and have tangible negative impact in all allied services. Apart from the functionality of the code, it can pose considerable threat even to the existence of the company as well. If you let alone such defective code you will only aggravate the problem and expedite the immature end to the business. Therefore, repayment of tech debt is absolutely necessary.

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