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Consideration Technical Backlog Is Necessary To Deal With Technical Debt

It is essential to know about the best practice to deal with technical debt because sooner you deal with it the better. It is required to know the technical work packages before that and for that considering technical backlog is the best process to implement. You can use the Requirement Management tool for this purpose that will act as a task tracker for different jobs for this purpose. It is helpful as each task is followed with supporting documents that includes a short description of the job. It also includes the required technical changes that must be made in the code, which specific part requires the change and the reason and importance of such changes.

Helps In Future Development

Such a comprehensive task manager will enable the team to know about the rework, it reason and the benefits enjoyed which will help in future development of codes. In the future when reworking has to be done the team will come to know of the areas that are already worked on and therefore reduce unnecessary wastage of time. It will also help in the proper estimation of the inherent interest of each code which will guide the team to take the right decision. Though exact estimation is not possible but with the probable figure will enable in reading the code and making the necessary changes.

Requirement Of Refactoring

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Such approach is beneficial as it will make tech debt visible to all. Every team, including the non-technical team will come to a unanimous decision about the necessity of refactoring in a code, the perfect time for it and also the right process to apply. All the teams can work together to find out the estimated time and effort required to bring about the change. Such approach is also useful for you to make out a clear difference between technical task and featured task as well. Most significantly, it helps you in prioritizing the tech debts taking into consideration of the technical backlog in it.

Decision On The Updates 

When you consider the technical backlog, it helps you to take proper decision about the updates, its requirement and much more. Apart from that the related cost for such updates along with the risks involved are also easy to ascertain. Technical backlog is suitable to bring out expensive changes like replacement required in the web framework and others. It is same as the financial that you have to take while taking best consolidation loans.

Provide Relief To Customers

Such changes provides relief to the customers who themselves cannot bring out such changes and can now use it with more ease and gain more benefit. The customers do not know the actual requirements of the code base, the purely technical aspects of the task and also the benefit of it to the business.  Moreover, there may be mistrust as to why such technical task without any customer relevant feature is required in the first place. Therefore, understanding tech debt and its features is necessary for you, your team as well as the stakeholders.