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Best Streaming Devices to Watch Netflix

Netflix is growing at an amazing speed, upstaging traditional TV, and giving life to streaming services such as Hulu, Amazon Video, YouTube and Sling TV. If you intend on watching these services you're going to have a lot of options for Netflix streaming devices.

Best Streaming Device for Netflix | Techie Diva

Roku Premiere+

Many people are coming to the conclusion that cable may be dead.Roku continues to live up to its standard with every new model it releases to the market. For instance, the $100 Roku Premiere+ streaming device comes with a built-in cross-service searching, simple to use interface, and Roku’s 3,500 plus streaming services.

Viewers will get a high dynamic range (HDR) color as a well as 4K video in the new model. The HDR, on your HDR-compatible TV, will evince a superior contrast and color.

If you aren’t budget conscious, you may add a meager $30 to get a Roku Ultra which comes with voice search, a lost remote finder, as well as a Dolby Digital Plus audio decode.

Apple TV

Ease-of-use is where Apple TV trounces all its rivals. It is the first truly easy-to-use media streamer. Apple TV has really come a long way since it debuted in 2007. Apart from being the most convenient way to play iTunes content on a life-size screen, it is also one of the best devices for streaming Netflix. More, it has a powerful Siri search that permits you to communicate in a conversational way with the Apple TV, as well as provide follow-up instructions to it about actors, directors, movies, studios, age ratings, etc. It offers a wide range of apps- from videos, real estate, fitness, and music.

Chromecast Ultra

If you’ve used Chromecast for over a year now, you can attest to its ability to do a range of things. Today, Chromecast supports HDR and 4K as well as supporting a wide variety of streaming channels that include Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, HBO Go, Vudu, Now and MLB.TV. Chromecast lets you cast your smartphone screens and computer screens to your TV. You may also use Google’s smart speaker called Google Home.

Amazon Fire TV

This is another contender for best streaming device that supports 4K, just like its peers, and can work with Amazon’s smart speaker (Amazon Echo). Amazon Fire TV works best with Amazon Video- that, coupled with the fact that you may get the video bundled with Amazon Prime, makes this device a must-have for any avid Netflix media streamer.

Nvidia Shield (2017)

This is the best streamer for geeks and gamers. But be warned: this streaming device is prohibitively expensive and, thus, makes its claim as a top-tier media streamer. If you can afford the amount, then you won’t be disappointed as it features file-sharing, gaming, and other geeky functions hardly available in other streaming devices. It is worth the extra money.

Now you can choose the best streaming device for Netflix based on your needs and preferences.