The Diet Plate® Digital Weight Management Program

Losing weight is never easy, it takes hard work and dedication and even when we get through the first week without “cheating,” we depend on the scales to let us know we have lost at least 2lbs for our efforts. If this doesn’t happen, we cry into our coffee, give up and reach for the cake, it leaves us feeling remorseful, full of guilt and left wondering where did we go wrong?


The Diet Plate® is made from Fine English Earthenware and costs just £17.99 ($23), it is famous for being the original portion control diet concept and first portion control plate to market in 1999, created in 1995 and reaching CNN Headline News in 2002, it remains the only portion plate to have published clinical trials in the Archives of Internal Medicine and JAMA for the control of Type 2 Diabetes. They work, in fact the study showed that you are 6 times more likely to lose weight and 3 times more likely to help control blood sugars and therefore help control your Type 2 Diabetes.


Qualifications aside, customer feedback informs us, that people needed more support at home. We get educated in nutrition with the help of Government information programmes, our doctors and diabetes educators, friends, teachers and anyone with an opinion on how to lose weight. But – when it comes down to the nitty gritty, it is down to the individual to find the best way for them, not to mention finding the inclination, the information and doing it by themselves.

Diet Plate

Sometimes this leads to desperate measures as we search for a magic pill, starve ourselves, drink gloopy VLCD’s, or opt for life changing and life threatening bariatric surgery. All of these options can leave us with financially empty pockets and very few work to educate us about our food choices, so don’t last, more often than not, the weight is gained back and then some.


It is quite simple really, if you want to lose weight, then you have to eat less and exercise more – there it is, a simple programme to follow in 1 sentence.


Easier said than done, the answer to losing weight and losing weight forever, is education.


Know where you are now.

Know where you want to be.

Know how to get there.

Just do it.


So the Diet Plates’s support is not to discuss the benefits of a 99 calorie chocolate pudding, or to disguise what you eat by giving it a fancy name or provide you with processed portioned food that you eat because you are told to but don’t really like it. The Diet Plate Digital Weight Management Program is all about clear and accurate education, based around your food choices and your exercise choices.

Diet Plate two

With the Diet Plate Digital Weight Management System, you can see exactly what you eat, or are going to eat,  how much exercise you do and what impact it is having on your body. Work it from your cell/mobile phone, your laptop or tablet but by being consistent, it will move you towards your weight loss goals every week.


The Diet Plate’s Digital Weight Management Program  is brand new, it has been in development for nearly 4 years and was launched in January 2017. It is different, refreshing, educational, accurate and dynamic. A dietician in your home, 24 hours a day if you need it.


Worked around a traffic light system, orange for if you have not eaten enough, it turns red if you have eaten too much but keep in the green zone and you are guaranteed to be in your weight loss zone.


The program will encourage you lose 2lbs a week and for those who think that is not much, there is a specific reason to lose weight at that rate. Firstly it is do-able without shocking your body too much, secondly, your skin is the largest organ of the human body, lose weight too quickly and the skin can’t recover and will sag. And thirdly, 2lbs is the size of a bag of sugar, think of that as fat and you will be so pleased to see the scales moving in the right direction.


The Diet Plate’s Digital Weight Management System is dynamic, it will absorb those extra calories from your red days over a period of weeks into the plan and deliver a fresh green zone (weight loss zone) for you to follow. It will also account for some health issues, for instance; if you have high blood pressure, it will gently lower your salt recommended daily allowance (RDA) to help you. As long as you’re honest when entering what you have eaten it will work for you, it is after all, your personal “you” project, a private and effective way to manage your weight loss.


There is a personal database as well as the main database, you can add foods to both if you can’t find them when searching, just use the nutritional labels as a guide. The personal database can be used to build your favourite recipes by component foods, you can give them memorable names and then it is literally 2 clicks to update the plan. This means that, you can eat with the family, no food is off the menu but as your choices will show in your RDA’s and begin to educate you, then soon enough you will find that you are making better food choices. Considering the calories, fat grams, protein levels and sugar content, it will objectify the food on the screen giving you the chance to make the right choice.


The personal database makes the program individual to you and it will take around 2-3 weeks to build depending on your recipe repertoire, once built, you can work the program in a couple of clicks. The cost is less than $3 a week, the results are priceless.