Remote Controlled Upright Pinball Game

Who knew that pinball could actually be remote controlled? Well, all common convention is defied with the introduction of the Remote Controlled Upright Pinball Game. This electronic pinball game must be left standing upright on a table and is played just like flipping channels, thanks to a remote control. Chances are this will help spare you the pain and discomfort of standing hunched over a console. You will find yourself being thrown back to the good old days of the early arcade years with classic features including flashing LED lights, solenoid controlled flippers and hidden tunnels. Depending on your skill level, you are able to choose from three different levels in either one or two player modes. For those who want something different, this Remote Controlled Upright Pinball Game can even be played in the dark thanks to its glow-in-the-dark feature. You can pick it up for $119.95.

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