More DS Lite Plush goodness


So you're a proud new owner of the Nintendo DS Lite...what do you do to keep it protected? Other than the mandatory screen protector, it also makes perfect sense to pick up a protective case of some sort as well. But those amount to naught when you're sick and tired of getting beat by Japanese Tetris players over the Nintendo WiFi network for the umpteenth time, and in an expressed moment of anger, you throw your precious against the wall with all your might resulting in a Humpty Dumpty of a DS Lite.

Save yourself such heartache with this plush DS Lite that comes in felt pink color. Not only does it look really neat, it is even lighter than your DS Lite and boasts a soft exterior (and interior) that will be able to withstand pressure of any sort. Too bad it doesn't play your favorite games, but makes the perfect replacement for throwing your DS Lite around in frustration and anger. Created by Carol Esther, this is an extremely limited edition portable and retails for $15 each.

Source: DS Fanboy

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