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You Can Throw Your Old Travel Pillow Out Now

Over the years, there have been several advancements in travel pillows, but let’s be honest here. Nothing out there really works one hundred percent. The pillow slides into an awkward place where it no longer cushions you or winds up choking you, or you get too hot etc. And nothing really puts you at a good angle for sleeping, which is perhaps the biggest problem.

Now, that has all changed. Thanks to the innovators at, proper sleep while travelling may be possible for the first time ever for many of us. It’s actually not a bad idea to go to their website and hit play on that video and then get back to this article, because a video is worth how many pictures that are all worth 1000 words and that way you’ll get a good idea of how it actually works.

There, wasn’t that awesome? The Pockindo was actually developed by osteopaths and physicians, which is why it works so well. The idea is to get you in a position like as if you were leaning into a massage chair. This position leaves your neck shoulder and back muscles supported and properly aligned. You can also use it on the side, no problem, as you have already seen in the video.


The Pockindo is of course collapsible and inflatable. It can even be inflated from an airplanes AC vent above your seat, or by blowing into it. It inflates in just a few seconds, and collapses down to almost nothing. It weighs a mere 350g, which is quite a bit still less than a pound (a pound is 454g). It has a cozy surface that is skin safe (even for sensitive skin) and antibacterial, and is also fully hand-washable.

The Pockindo’s main use is obviously going to be those long-haul plane and bus trips, but we can see some really good other potential uses for it, including taking a quick REFRESHING nap during those long days at the office, or also people working long shifts in the hospital can greatly increase the quality of their breaks with a device like this. Even professional drivers (taxi, Uber etc.) may benefit from the Pockindo when they want to take a quick break and recharge their batteries like they never could before.

These guys ship worldwide, so there’s just no excuse. You know you want one yesterday, or at least for your next trip.