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How Samsung Is Empowering Note7 Users

You’ve likely heard the news of the recent global Samsung Note7 recall. The company announced that every Note7 sold before September 15 is included in the recall and must be replaced or returned due to faulty batteries prone to overheating when charging. However, despite the setback, Samsung acted swiftly to ensure that users are taken care of during the recall. Here are a few examples of the measures they've taken:

How to Return

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission and Samsung both say that owners of the recalled Note7s should promptly power the devices off, box them up and return them. Samsung states that Note7 users should return the phone to the original place of purchase. Additionally, Samsung offers a list of Note7 providers on its website, including contact information for the retailers to make it easier for consumers to make the exchange at the original place of purchase. Providers include: Best Buy, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, U.S. Cellular and T-Mobile.

Information About the Recall

Throughout the time of the recall, Samsung has remained transparent with its customers. One way the company has done this is by providing up-to-date information about the state of the recall and upcoming plans on its website and social media platforms.

Marking All New Note7s


In order to avoid any potential confusion, all new and safe Note7 models are marked as “safe” right on the box, making it easy for consumers to differentiate defective devices from functional ones. Any box that does not have the “S” mark or the black square on the label, the phone is not safe and should not be purchased.

Check If Devices Are Safe

Customers who are unsure if their phone is affected can rest assured, as Samsung provides helpful tools directly on their website that point users in the right direction. Customers are prompted to enter the IMEI or serial number on their current Samsung Galaxy Note7 in a easy-to-use search bar. After the number is typed and entered on the site, consumers can click the “check” box to see if their phone has been recalled. Samsung even offers instructions on how to access the serial IMEI code.

Customer Service

T-Mobile, for example, is going the extra mile for Samsung Galaxy Note7 users. The retailer is offering consumers the option to call a number to start the return process without stepping foot in a store until it's time to pick up the new device. Consumers simply call the phone number provided and T-Mobile will quickly ship out a new, safe phone to the preferred T-Mobile location. Consumers will then receive a message when their phone is ready for pickup.

An Added Perk

In order to ease some of the frustration that customers may be experiencing, Samsung has softened the blow by offering a $25 gift card to all consumers returning the Galaxy Note7. This gift card can be applied as store credit, in-store accessory credit or can even be used as bill credit with some retailers.

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