Book + Pen = JOY!

Do you play SODUKU  or are you a journal freak like me?  Then you'll love what Everyday Innovations (great name!) has come up with.  We have shown you, in the past, the PicoPad that they sell.  Well now they have put their minds to work.

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The BookSling is perfect for that person that is always looking for a pen.  I am constantly asking to borrow one and the way I like my pens, other people can never please me.  I tend to grasp a pen and use it until it dies.  This BookSling will allow you to keep your favorite pen and even a highlighter or a pencil handy.

I have recently put most of my stuff into my laptop bag and with that went my day planner.  Yes, I still have one on paper.  The BookSling is wrapped around it with my pen and a highlighter so that I can keep track of my schedule.

It also has a ribbon attached so that you can mark your page easily.  It's made of high quality woven elastic that stretches 7.5 to 12" which allows it to fit most books easily.

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