Sony Ericsson Walkman Phone

As you might've seen on the commercials via TV, Sony Ericsson is launching a new 156671161 3e8b5b29e1 mwalkman phone that is a slider.  It features 3GB support and video calling, a 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.0, a 262k color screen, Walkman player version 2.0 that enables downloads of music to your phone via the 3G connection included.

The W850i comes with a memory stick that's 1GB and can support up to 4GB (around 1,000 songs).  It features imaging and messaging, landscape imaging, 4x digital zoom, LED light, video recording and playback, Push e-mail, Macromedia Flash and much more.

You get a stereo headset, USB cable and other accessories with the purchase of the phone.  Watch for it in stores!  It certainly looks sleek and snazzy in the photos and I'd like to know how the features work.

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