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Top Trendy Online Activities for Women

We spend so much of our lives online these days. Whether we are communicating with our friends and family, working, or purchasing goods and services –chances are that we are doing so with the help of technology and the world wide web. Women account for a large segment of the online market, and as such contribute to the success of many online ventures and industries. Here are some of the top trendy online activities that women are loving this year.

Online slots


Online slots have been gaining huge momentum among female users in the past few years. Video slots are the most popular as they are colorful, and engaging, all while having a specific theme. This means that you have a large choice of different themes to choose from, and are able to pick games that best suit your interests and personality. You can try Royal Vegas online casinos games for free or real money, for the best selection of slots available. These slots are incredibly fun to play and a hit with many women, worldwide.

Snap Chat

Snap Chat is one of the newer social media platforms around, and it is currently a huge trend with women. Arguably, the app’s best and most loved feature are the cute and crazy filters you can add to your pictures. If you have been living under a rock for the past year or so, some of the filters include flowers for your hair and a variety of animal ears and tongues –such as dogs and bunnies. You can also make short videos to send to your friends and caption them with a short sentence and emojis.



Online courses are becoming a huge trend among women. Websites like Coursera allow you to do free online courses in a variety of disciplines from reputable higher education institutions, such as Stanford, Duke, and the University of Michigan.  Many women are taking advantage of this free access to great education, and are taking online courses in order to expand their knowledge as well as their skillsets.

Workout videos

Another online trend among women is watching and using instructional workout videos in order to keep fit and healthy. Popular online fitness stars include Casey Ho, who is the founder of Blogilates. Kayla Itsines is another popular fitness guru; she has a very popular fitness app that you can download for your mobile device, called Sweat with Kayla. Monthly prices for gyms, health clubs, private classes and personal trainers are incredibly expensive. Using online workout videos from home is one efficient way to save money, while still ensuring you keep active, fit and healthy.


And the last online trend for women that we will discuss today is that of online forums. There are many forums across the internet, based on common interests and issues, such as specific hobbies and various health problems. Women  are very active on forums and find them to be helpful, and also a great source of support.

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