Use your iPhone to send postcards with Shootit!

What do you do with all those pictures you take with your mobile phone? Wouldn’t it be great to send them off as postcards? A new iPhone application called Shoot it! allows you to do just that. Shoot it! lets you select a photo from your iPhone, add a message, and send it as a physical postcard to anyone listed in your phone book. The personalized photo postcard is sent the next day via US Mail,  leaving your friends and family impressed by your thoughtfulness when they arrive. You can also send postcards to the UK and Western Europe for under $ 1.50 per card! Postcards mailed within the US will run you around .99 cents per postcard, which is a small price to pay considering you’re sending it straight from your iPhone and not some printing shop or online photo service. I personally love the idea, and have been sending postcards to family and friends on-the-go (another big advantage.) The photos on the postcard I've been sent have been  a little bit dark, so make sure you lighten them up if they’re too dark before pressing the send button (there are plenty of iPhone applications to help you do this). The service did an official launch in August at the 944 8th Anniversary celebration in Scottsdale, AZ. I attended the launch, so I’m attaching some images from the party below. Shoot it! reps took pictures of the attendees and sent them postcards to remember the celebration. It’s definitely a great way to show friends how much you're having while on vacation.
For more info about Shoot It! check out their website.


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