Spam Poison Might Create Regret

Do you hate spam?  (who doesn't?)  Do you want to join in the crusade against those that spam your mailbox constantly?

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Spam Poison is the way to go.  An anti-spam site that will keep the crawlers away from your real email and instead, turn the tables on them.  Spiders will crawl your websites (or others you are involved in) for email addresses to send out ads and articles to.  Instead of publishing your REAL address, utilize spam poision to get back at the spammers!

All you do is link to the spam poison page (they give you the code) and it will suck the crawler over to that page and they will begin getting spam in THEIR box.

The site says:  "These
links will redirect email harvesting bots to trap sites that will feed
it with an almost infinite loop of dynamically generated fake email
addresses, mostly on known spammer owned domains! This will render
their harvested lists practically useless and of no commercial value."

It's worth a try!

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