Blogher Session: Gadgets for Bloggers (Vote)

voteBlogging from the road sounds like an easy task, until you have to look for a wireless connection, pull out the laptop, upload the photos, stream the video, and make sure you have enough battery juice to upload your postings. There are tons of gadgets out there to help you make this process a lot easier, and we want you to learn about them at a session called "Gadgets for Blogging" at the upcoming Blogher conference in Chicago (July 23-25).

Techie Diva along with Beth (TechMamas), Amisha (Notebooks), Eliane (Ubergizmo), and Ponzi (Ponzarelli) hope to host a session for Bloghers completely dedicated to gadgets where we hope to introduce bloggers to tips and technology that will help them blog, liveblog, livestream, and  upload photos/video to their blogs using the best wireless mobile technology there is, but we need your vote to make this happen.

That is why we are asking you, our fab readers, to head on over to and leave a comment for the organizers saying you want to see this session to happen. We will be extremely appreciative of your votes, so please helps us make this happen. If you're attending  took for us, because we will be there.

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