Quick Look at Skype for iPhone App

skype7Skype is currently available in the iPhone. Yes, now you too can make Skype VoIP calls from your iPhone by downloading the free application from the iTunes App Store. I just downloaded the application, and it looks great on the iPhone's small screen. At the bottom of the screen, you see a simple navigation bar that takes you to a contacts page, chat, call, history, and My Info page. With this application you can make phone calls using yourWi-Fi network from your iPhone or iPod Touch if you use headphones with a microphone. You can also make calls to a landline if you have a subcription or pay a small per minute fee.skype6

The contacts page sorts out your Skype contacts by who's online or all, as well as your blocked contacts. Similar to the contacts page on your iPhone, Skype sorts out your contacts list alphabetically, and it includes a search feature at the top so you can search the directory more easily. You can also have the option to search the Skype Directory to add more numbers, or you can import them from your iPhone.  Adding a new number is easy too, and works the same way it does on the iPhone.


The next tab is the "Chats" tab, where you can see all your chat messages, and start a chat with your Skype buddies.skype4

The "Call" page displays a number pad like the iPhone's, and features a directory button that pulls up your iPhone contacts in case you want to make a call to another cell phone.

The "History" page displays all and missed calls.


The "My Info" page lets you type in a status update ala Twitter, and includes several buttons so you can change your status or update your profile. You can also buy Skype credits, an online number, and check your voicemail. I think it's nice that you can also take pictures to update your Skype profile.

Overall, the interface on this application is clean, and very iPhonesque so if you're a fan of both Skype and the iPhone, you'll really like this app.

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