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Types of Gambling

When you think of gambling your mind probably conjures up images of wealthy businessmen in casinos winning jackpots, and if you’d like to get a taste of that yourself take a look at Casinos for NZ, but gambling takes on many forms, some of which have become so normalised in society that you may not even notice when you’re taking part in them yourself. Here, we run through the main types of gambling in case you want to opt in or even opt out of them.

Casino Games

Casinos mainly consist of slot machines and table games. Slot machines have three revolving wheels which are activated by the player pulling a handle. The wheels have various icons on them and revolve freely until they come to a standstill. If the icons on each wheel match when the wheels stop spinning, you win a prize. Due to the simple nature of slot machines they can be addictive, which means they are some of the biggest earners for casinos, so you’ll usually find a large number of them if you visit one. There are lots of different table games that you can play in casinos too, from Black Jack, Roulette and Baccarat to Craps, Croupier and Poker. Each game is different, and some rely on chance while others require experience and skill from the players. Most of the scandals surrounding gambling such as the biggest losses and examples of people tricking the house, are associated with table games.

Fixed-Odds Betting

Fixed odds betting is when the winnings for each potential outcome have already been decided and you simply choose whether to opt in or opt out. For example, betting on sports events like horse races and football is fixed-odds betting. However, there are other examples of this which many people do not realize is technically gambling. Voting for contestants on TV shows for example, taking part in political elections and even trading on the stock market are technically forms of gambling.


You may not take part in more well-known kinds of gambling for example visiting casinos and betting shops however, you may take part in some of these lower risk forms without realizing that they are one and the same. Buying a lottery ticket may be part of your normal weekly shopping routine and may only cost you a little but by doing this you are placing a bet with the chance of huge winnings. The same goes for purchasing a scratch card; it might just seem like a bit of fun, but the purchase is the same as placing a bet, just with lower odds. And finally, playing bingo with friends or online is advertised as a fun hobby but it’s the same people who put these games together as it is who build casinos.

Gambling doesn’t always have to involve making huge bets, wins and losses in high-adrenalin environments, it also consists of each lottery ticket and scratch card your buy, each time you vote for your favorite tv star or play a game of bingo with friends. For more life advice, take a look at