Chumby gets a LadyFace makeover

chumby2What is Chumby? Well, it's hard to say what this beanbag shaped Wi-Fi enabled multi-purpose gadget really is because it's real purpose is up to you really.  Thanks to the vast number of widgets it can host, Chumby can double as a clock, radio,  iPod speaker, digital photo frame, a weather station,  game device, calendar, and more.  There are 400+ widgets on the site that you can download to keep track of your eBay auctions, your Facebook profile, watch YouTube videos, Twitter, Yelp,  and much more. Up until now, Chumby has been sporting a rather sad looking leather cover, but thanks to artist Sara Antoinette Martin, Chumby just got a little  cooler.


Engadget spotted the handpainted "Goldfish"  design by Ms Martin, currently selling for $600 on the site. The package comes with small drawings by the artist, Lady Head pins, postcards, charms, and is numbered and signed by the artist. Surely, something the company should consider doing more often, although it would be great if they would keep the price reasonable in this economy. What do you think of this new Chumby makeover?  Below is a video of David Pogue attempting to explain Chumby.


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