Pink and Blue Jawbone for Valentines

Ladies, I know some of you out there just hate pink gadgets, but those of you who still have a soft spot for pink gizmos might want to know that Jawbone has released the Rambling Rose and Babbling Blue hands-free headsets in time for Valentines Day. I just lost my black Jawbone so I really bummed,  but I just might have to get the pink version which looks like it might make you look less like a Bluetool, and more like hip techie. Both are available now at for $130 as well as the Apple Store and Best Buy.

While I was at CES, the Jawbone guys told me about the New Fit Earbud which allows you wear your Jawbone without the earpiece. This is great news for those of you who wear eyeglasses. They were handing these out free as part of a Beta program, but it looks like that might be over, so keep checking the website to see how you can get your hands on some of these.bluejawbonepinkjawbone

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