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Valentine Tokidoki Mimobot Invasion

tokidoki-postI absolutely have an obsession with everything Tokidoki, so I was pleased to see Mimoco is introducing another adorable USB flash drive covered in pop-fashion from tokidoki. Her name is Pink Meletta and she is loaded with tokidoki wallpapers, icons, and other col stuff.  It can hold up to 8GB of stuff, and it starts at $25. Ok, so this is not the most romantic gift for V-day, but I'm sure your sweetheart wouldn't mind having one either. Here's more about Meletta from the site:

Meletta is in LOVE! Someone snuck past that monkey on her head and gave her a kiss, and now she's blushing pink and black! Just in time for Valentine's Day, Pink Meletta is a techie gift that will satisfy your inner geek while not getting you stuck on the couch Valentine's night.

A word of warning - do NOT ask Meletta how she got that monkey on her head, or where the monkey got that banana, because she doesn't know and, quite frankly, it's ticking her off right now. Meletta is a constant reminder to eat your fruits before they eat you - or before that monkey on your back gets hold of them.

Designed by Simone Legno, the rock-star artist behind the tokidoki brand, Meletta and the tokidoki for MIMOBOT collection launched at New York Comic Con on April 18th. Pick one up now to get one of the limited run of this exciting new MIMOBOT series.

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