Attack of the Pink iPod dock

While many people believe that pink is a color reserved mainly for the fairer sex, it still does appeal to certain segments of the male population as long as it comes in the right shade of pink. Well, this amazing Pink iPod Dock Pack by Scandyna might be your girl's cup of tea, assuming she loves the color in the first place. For clueless guys, you can tell whether she likes pink or not by checking out the types of clothes she wears, the lipstick marks she leaves on your collar as well as the color of her most frequently carried handbag. You can't just Google these things, you know? A keen eye is often required when it comes to gift giving. But I digress, the Pink iPod Dock comes with a 2 x 15 watt RMS Class T amplifier, a Kevlar bass/midrange driver, a soft dome tweeter, and seven inserts that is compatible with a range of iPod models. It won't come cheap at $300 a pop, but you know the drill - if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

Source: Gizmodiva


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    Intempo’ s new dock might be small, but the sound it creates is far from it, thanks to its integrated subwoofer for room rattling bass. The InSession is capable of pumping out a total of 25W of stereo sound and includes a remote so if the bass gets t…

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