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And the bonus entries go to...

Have you entered the big HP Magic Giveaway? Hurry up and enter, because this contest will close this Thursday, December 11th. We will announce the winner on December 12th. So what would you do if you won this prize? Here are just some of the entries we've received. These guys are all getting a bonus entry.


Loving Danger wrote:

My mommy BFF is moving away! WTF how did this happen? How did I not do a better job of sabotaging the sale of her home? Apparently her husband is a real go getter and he’s got a new job on the island,the island that happens to be about 14 hours away. I am not willing to travel that far for our weekly outings and I’m going to be really honest with you. In case you haven’t already figured this out, I’m awkward, really awkward and thus I don’t really do the whole phone thing.

So now that we have ruled out me driving 28 hours round trip on a weekly basis and my crazy awkward self has put a damper on our phone conversations there is really only one option left. ENTER HP Magic Giveaway . I figure if I could give my BFF a magical laptop the chances of her actually using it are drastically increased, (did I mention she doesn’t even have facebook! HELLO! What does she do with her day!?!) thus our friendship lives on over the world wide internet. Also known as THE GREATEST INVENTION OF ALL TIME!


Richard -Making a Little Girl Happy with a PC

I have a very smart niece named Genny who is very good at a lot of things. She learned to read at the age of 5, memorized the lyrics of a Cueshe (band) song at 4 and impressed me when she was able to utter my name when she was just 3 years old.

Every weekend, she always hang-out in our house especially if my wife and I use our PC. She would just sit there behind us and watch us whether we play games or finish some office work.

We allow her to use the PC if we don't have anything important to do. She's a quick learner and I know how she love to have a PC of her own. But as much as I want to get her a PC for Christmas, a big chunk of my monthly salary goes to our savings because wifey is due to give birth to our first son on March next year.

My sister and his husband could not afford to buy a PC either because they just earn enough for their family daily needs.

I just want to make a little girl happy. And hopefully with a little luck and love, a good samaritan online would choose to grant her wish.

Trisha from Sweet N Sassy Girls wrote:

As for why I deserve to win, I want to surprise my husband with this. He works so hard to provide for us, and we go without a lot of things. We only have one car, we don't have cable or satellite, we buy pretty much everything used. We were just talking on Sunday how we really need a new computer, but we can't afford one. I want to be able to give back a little of what he has given to us. Read the rest of ther entry here.


Carlos Vicente from Brazil wrote:

My name is Carlos and I live in Brazil.
I deserve to win this prize because I will share it with my family and donate part of it to a charity.
If I win this contest I will keep the desktop, printer and DVDs (for my 2 sons).
The other prizes I will donate:
The notebook (HDX 18) to my sister because the distance is far, and she doesn´t have a computer.
The notebook (Pavilion), my old printer, and other hardware to the CASF (Casa Sagrada Família - Sacred Family House, an non-government institution that takes care about poor children infected with HIV/AIDS).
See more data about this institution, in portuguese, at:

From the Land of Ahhhhs wrote:

I am planning on getting student loans to go back to college this coming year and my computer that I have is a complete piece so a notebook would be perfect for me. I didn't get to finish college because I got married and pregnant when I was 19 and decided to be a stay at home mom because I couldn't imagine leaving my child with anyone. I have three kids ages 7, 3 and 20 months and all three have health issues ranging from ADD/ADHD, multiple surgeries, numerous bad allergies, GI enzyme deficiencies and all 3 of them with possible SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder). And my oldest is the only one in full day school. Getting a sitter or taking them to daycare is completely out of the question because we cannot afford it and, again, I don't trust my kids with anyone. And my dear husband works 2 jobs and is never home so going to school when he is home, which again is never, is also not possible. Not only that but with my kids' health issues I wouldn't feel right or safe leaving them. So my only option to going back to school is doing online courses. But doing online courses on this computer would be very difficult. It's old, slow and in our basement so I wouldn't be able to care for my children and study at the same time. Read the rest of her entry here.

So what you do?

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