V-POD Tower Beer features LCD display

It is time to let your hair down this holiday season, so mark all the days in your calendar where you're throwing a party in your home. Make sure your guests will be awed by your pad, and what better way to do so (apart from all the basic upgraded creature comforts) than with the V-POD tower beer dispenser that not only allows golden liquid to flow out to keep guests happy, it also boasts a 10" LCD display to keep them entertained with the latest Britney Spears music video. Wait a minute, that doesn't sound quite right. Anyways, each V-POD tower beer dispenser will come in brass and steel Double Column style for that added touch of elegance, featuring 4 to 6 faucets (depending on the model number), integrated stereo speakers and a remotely mounted DiGi viewer. Prices start from $3,050 upwards, depending on the model that you prefer.

Source: Luxury Launches

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