KinnikuMan Warriors perform crunches for six-packs

These KinnikuMan Warriors USB flash drives are a hoot as they will definitely introduce a smile to your face no matter where you are. Functioning in pretty much the same way as USB Crunching Dogs of the past, these come in a different form factor that will specially tickle manga fans familiar with KinnikuMan. All you need to do is plug one of these puppies in and watch them go, performing way more crunches in an hour than you'll ever manage in a lifetime, and without having to break a sweat to boot! Too bad there isn't any memory capacity within, although I'm quite sure that some smart aleck with a penchant for DIY will come up with his/her own memory-included version in the near future. Each of these adorable KinnikuMan Warriors will retail for $34.13.

Source: Gizmodiva

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