Hook up your iPod: to Your Jeans

Levisjeans With all the iPod accessories already on the market, Levi’s just added another one: Jeans that perfectly fit your iPod and all its extras. iPods have almost turned into pets for some people; we can get them sleeves, jackets, speakers, and now even jeans. The Levi’s jeans even have a ‘leash’ to strap your little iPod to. It is attached to your pocket, in which you can easily slip any size iPod. The only issue I foresee with this is the strap potentially getting caught on something and your iPod becoming airborne.

Aside from having a lot of pockets, the strap attaching the jeans to the iPod allow the user to play, pause, track forward, track back and adjust the volume without removing the iPod from their pocket. Basically the red strap is attached to a docking cradle inside the pocket, which makes all the above possible! Despite all this connectivity, the jeans are supposed to completely camouflage the “iPod bulge” and also feature retractable headphones, aside from the docking cradle and joystick. These jeans are just another example of how clothes are turning into gadgets!

The jeans seem to have a relaxed cut to them, making them perfect for lounging around but perhaps not your ultimate choice for an event to which you would choose a more “elegant” pair. The iPod Levi’s are definitely functional, but unfortunately it looks like function may have compromised how fashionable they are. The iPod Levi’s jeans are part of the RedWire DLX line and will be available worldwide in fall 2006.

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