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Why You Need IGE-XAO for Your CAD-Based Needs

CAD is needed by almost all modern industries. CAD is an abbreviation of Computer Aided Design and CAD-Electrical is software tailor-made to design electrical design or schematics which will be electronically stored. The need for drawings and diagrams is difficult to be solely met on paper. You need an electronic version of it all. By applying online storage you will find practicality when you need them. We're talking about saving and re-displaying electrical design.

This type of software is needed for design documentation because its function is able to run the automation of specific tasks. Many tasks can not be run by manual processes, at this point we need software that can actually run automatically.

Nowadays, engineers no longer have to find difficulties to fill out the component list as well as material bills. Both tasks are automated processes that can be done by professional CAD electrical software. With software, every engineer can redesign very quickly, and most importantly, it goes beyond the boundaries that traditional hands can achieve. To find out more about how this can help you, visit

Current clients and markets

If you need software that is able to answer the challenges of this era, IGE-XAO is what you need. With more than 3 decades of experience, the IGE-XAO is able to offer electric CAD software that is tailored to the latest developments, complemented by complete solutions that are integrated with each other throughout the cycle. Broadly speaking, this is a company that has a wide range, one of the most widespread in the world. You have to choose the best software for your manufacturing process and when you are faced with a variety of choices, reputation is what you should pay attention to. A company with a high reputation is characterized by its employment coverage and if it has many branches abroad, you may consider it further.

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The company has branches in 33 locations in more than 22 countries. Not only the major engineers, there are also local technicians in each country with the aim of assisting with specific problems that may be difficult to resolve by a centralized approach. Broadly speaking, IGE-XAO has more than 40 thousand subscribers with 12 different languages. The local technicians are the spearhead of the company to realize better service. All employees have a strong dedication to being able to realize adaptation to technological developments that cover different needs in the field. They are supported by flexible software and compatible with a wide range of clients and markets. Broad market spurred competition and indirectly, spurring also the development of software so as to work better in more areas. Unceasing innovation is what makes us able to achieve modernity.

Research and development are the two firm foundations

IGE-XAO allocates no less than 25% of all annual revenue for research and development. With this allocation, the company always has the funds to compete with its competitors. So far, IGE-XAO has 6 outlets for research and development, providing a guarantee for dominance over the next few years. With broad market coverage, IGE-XAO has many different working areas; wiring harness, manufacturing, industrial machinery production, energy production, transportation and automation sectors. For each market, this software is customized to meet every need. The needs of each engineer are different from each other and therefore, a universal software is needed to provide a complete package for those capable of performing multifunctional tasks. They no longer need to switch software just to fit between one project and another. This is what every manufacturing process owner should think about.


Core activity

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A specific activity in question is the production process of various CAD software that work on electrical installations. They can help to optimize the production process and dramatically increase production speed. This is the key to a competitive business environment, making things run smoothly according to what has been calculated. Some special packages are designed to complete a single cable distribution, electrical cable management and also energy distribution. Core activity allows each software to work in different environments while remaining on the same distribution path.

Some advantages

Not only help you to set up a complicated electrical installation scheme, the electric CAD device is also capable of providing great time cuts. The periods in which electrical schemes were made by hand have long since passed. The original basic drawing tools made in the late 1980s were not capable enough to realize the electrical scheme in a short period of time and when the electric CAD software appeared, everything suddenly changed. Automated component numbering, panel plan creation, list filling, all take a much shorter time. This is a direct impact given by the automation process.

Cost reduction

Automation provides other impacts, associated with reduced production costs. Reduced time needed to design a direct impact on cost reduction. What happens to one manufacturing point affects other points or, in other words, affects the whole project. In the modern manufacturing process, everything is related to each other. Manual processes can cause unintentional errors in one work area and unfortunately it can affect other work areas. If each work area has continuity with other areas then the costs of production error can be suppressed and, ultimately, the normal cost of production can be reduced.

Automation improves efficiency

With automation; the manufacturing process can run faster and provide a great opportunity for engineers to think of other things. Other things to think about can vary, one of which is about the adaptation of the software to different situations. Some incompetent software can not adapt if something changes, making the manufacturing process interrupted or in other words, the level of satisfaction decreases. This is what every manufacturing owner should avoid.

What to know

CAE combines simulation and schematic capture, which is needed by design engineers. The experts within the drafting department are greatly assisted by this software, but they are more familiar with CAD that is devoted to the physical layout of the circuit. They are both often regarded as something similar, known as EDA or electronic design automation. Automation of electronic design is what is known as a set of essential tools for designing integrated circuits and circuit boards.

IGE-XAO can be classified as CAD thanks to its role as well as its relationship with electrical data visualization. The work process is more in line with technical drawing, rather than just focusing on specific electronics. Universal software is needed in the modern manufacturing world and "universal here" is not limited by one or more cases.

Why you need IGE-XAO

You need IGE-XAO because this company has what you need. Having global support in many countries, the company is one step ahead of its competitors. They have a SEE Web Catalog consisting of 10 thousand symbols of specialized equipment and over 70,000 equipment codes. What makes this so special is the fact that more than 900 producers have contributed and they are constantly updating what has been inputted.

Hopefully this article can provide enlightenment for anyone who wants to understand how electric CAD works. What can be concluded is the automation process will make things more accurate and faster. For more information, visiting is much recommended.