Cordgo Keeps You Untangled

When I saw this I immediately thought of the other products out
there that keep your headphone cords organized.  I compared this brand
to a few others and I really think this one has more features.

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The Cordgo keeps your headphone wires in place to keep you from
getting tangled.  It includes a hook that could be placed either on a
belt loop, arm band, key chain or other equally important place. 

The concept is that it winds the cords up inside the Cordgo and you
can easily expand or contract the length of your cord.  No more
damaged, tangled or misplaced cords.

Not only is this good for iPods or music devices, but any item like
a hands-free mobile headset, USB cables, docking stations and more
could well utilize this gadget. 

Visit the Cordgo site and check the price of $9.99 for this item.  Well worth the convenience!

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