Amosu brings some bling to your car key

Amosu is no stranger to the world of luxury products, as they have come up with some pretty delectable concoctions in the past. Well, this time round they still cater to the uber rich - specifically those who own a Lamborghini in their garage. Hey, if you're rich enough to fork out an insane amount of money for such an exotic beauty, I'm pretty sure you won't mind signing off another £7,000 to secure Amosu's services that helps bling up your car keys with a grand total of 183 diamonds that weigh a total of 2.02 carats, right? After all, it helps those car jockeys at posh places to know that while the rest of the Lamborghini owners have arrived, you're the only one who did it in style.

Source: Ubergizmo

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