Digital Art Changes with your Mood

1a A digital artwork armed with a web cam can now analyze the facial expressions of the person looking at it. Based on this software adjusts the brush strokes and colors of the artwork on the screen. For example; if you look cheery, the artwork will become bright and colorful. If you are angry, quite the opposite! Personally, I see a new opportunity for this technology: how about treating depression by displaying bright, sunny and cheery art when the person is actually sad or angry? I think they are on to something, but perhaps the concept should be reversed: if someone is angry already, why reinforce it with an aggressive painting? Wouldn’t it make sense to make it a bit more cheery to cheer the viewer up? That does raise the question of what to do if the viewer is already happy…

The software analyzes the viewers face for eight different facial expressions, depending on the shape and position of the mouth, eyes and angle of the eye brows.

The cool part is; it happens in real time! So as you change your mind about your mood, the artwork changes right away. Or you can use it as a toy and make faces in front of it!

It is a digital canvas, so you can actually create art based on your mood. All you need is a desktop, a web cam and some time on your hands!

Read more about this project here

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