Tokyoflash Jackpot watch tells time, not dispenses money

Tokyoflash watches, even though many of them require a rocket scientist to decipher the current time, are still appealing in their own right just because they are so damn hard to read. In addition, they're beautifully designed (most of the time anyways) that always pushes the envelope when it comes to innovation, and today we have yet another Tokyoflash offering from ThinkGeek - the Jackpot watch. Judging by its name alone, you can tell that this timepiece will tell the time just like how a slot machine does, with wild spinning numbers going out of their way before the settle on the current hour and minute. This means you can't tell the time at a glance, but will instead need to press a button, input the bet amount and hit another button to spin the digits. The Tokyoflash Jackpot watch will retail for $100 a pop.

Product Page via Slippery Brick

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