Fluffy Tools

PinktoolsIf a pink tool set is not enough for you, check out these "Chick Pink She Driver Set".  It is simply silly, but it may get that sassy 15 year old into fixing things around her room.  My dad, like all dads, had a massive collection of tools I picked up once in a while to fix things. Had they been all colorful and pink, I might have asked him for a set of my own.  Here is how this site presents this product:

"Women like pink. Fact. By making tools pink, they instantly become more attractive to the opposite sex, allowing typical man to recline in his armchair and watch football without the near-constant interruption of DIY requests."

and  "Women, on the other hand need pink tools. In short, our pink screwdriver kit has everything the pink-loving lady could ever need. Come is a presentation box, and will make the lady in your life a pink DIY dynamo! Also suitable for Gay builders."

What kind of marketing bullshit is this? Is this guy for real? Product Site [Via Coolbuzz]


  1. Shiny Shiny 18 April, 2006 at 07:12

    Fluffy Tools

    Sara was strangely drawn to the pink tool kit, while I experienced a fairly strong feeling of ill-will towards the ladies lavender power tool. If, however, you feel you really must indulge in a girly DIY kit, this Chick

  2. Cat 9 March, 2006 at 04:43

    In one of the episodes of Gilmore Girls – season 1, i think.. Lorelai gave Rory a decorated hammer, too. it was pink and glittery and fluffy.. 🙂 I think it’s a great idea!!

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