The "Blackjack 3" By A Different Name

2981712866 660372c032Samsung has released the Samsung Epix cell phone and casually renamed one of my favorite models.  We all know this is the Blackjack II with more features, but they have changed the name along with the features offered.

Get this, it has a touch screen!  I am wanting to upgrade my Blackjack II ASAP now that I've read up on this release.  A 2 megapixel camera, Windows 6.1, 1800 mAh standard battery (this means it will stay charged longer than the version II did, and it was already an improvement from the version I) and much more.  The AT&T site has a breakdown of all the great statistics of this phone.

I can't wait to go shopping for this baby, but for now I'll have to stare at it's luciousness via the 'net.

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