LoveHandler sculpts those abs

lovehandlerLove handles are often used to describe the growing spare tyre around one's waist in an affectionate manner, but let's face it - most people would prefer to carry around a svelte and trim tummy instead. Not only is it healthier, a nice body also does wonders for one's confidence. The LoveHandler is one device that helps sculpt your abs, trim your waist and lose those unwanted love handles, although I don't think the model on this thing needs to lose another pound. This simple-but-brilliant exercise machine was developed by Dan Isaacson, a renowned fitness expert and the personal trainer to dozens of Hollywood's "A-list" stars.

The LoveHandler targets oblique muscles of your core torso while working your abdominal muscles and your love handles simultaneously. It is small enough to be stored away easily when not in use, and has been biomechanically designed to strengthen and shape your core and waist areas while toning all important muscles located in your back, shoulders, chest, arms and hips. It currently retails for $199.95. Too bad it does not include some discipline so that you'll use it every day without fail.

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