Vela Range Hood throws in LCD TV as well

Most kitchens these days already come with a TV - after all, chefs do need some form of entertainment while they're busy preparing the day's meals, right? Of course, more seasoned ones won't end up cutting themselves accidentally while chopping up some carrots into fine slices with their favorite soap opera on air, although novices had best concentrate on the task at hand lest a finger gets severed. The Vela Range Hood helps save space in the home by featuring a built-in LCD TV. It is constructed from premium quality stainless steel, and touch screen controls ensure easy maintenance compared to knobs, buttons and dials that could suffer with all the grease going in between them. As for the hood itself, it comes with four speed options and an automatic switch-on with speed regulation. You will also know when the time is to wash the anti-grease filter thanks to a light indicator.

Source: Luxury Launches

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