It's all about love

Are you so in love with your girlfriend, but your bank account does not have the necessary Benjamins available to get her a shiny, big rock for her birthday? Well, if she is interested in computers and can't live without gizmos and accessories, I am sure she will be touched by your gesture of picking up this heart-shaped microSD memory card reader. Well, if she ain't too happy about it, let her know it not only works with regular microSD memory cards but microSDHC cards as well, making it future proof just like how you are to her. Of course, she'll most probably prefer an iPhone instead, but hey - didn't mom used to tell me that it is the thought that counts? I guess that generation is long gone, replaced by the current capitalist consumerism mentality that has dragged us into this global financial turmoil we're in today.

Source: Akihabaranews

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