Feline-inspired speakers from Japan


Getting a pair of speakers for your desktop is a very subjective experience, depending on the type of personality you have as well as your budget. While most speakers come in the same old form factor dressed in black (or some other shiny, metallic sheen), this pair of speakers will definitely help add a touch of elegance to your desk. The CatSpeaker from Brighton Net will definitely appeal to feline fanatics, and it does not only look good to the eye, it also features a full 2.1 channel amplified speaker setup.

The cat-shaped subwoofer is flanked by cat-eared satellites, utilizing NXT flat panel drivers for some pretty decent audio if my past experience is anything to go by. Even the control pod resembles a cat paw, where individual paw pads hold the key to controlling the system's equalization effects. The CatSpeaker system will retail for approximately $155 when it is released in Japan later this year, with no word of a Stateside release. Would you get one of these to spruce up your desktop?

Product Page (Japanese) via Technabob

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