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Top Features To Check Out When Buying A Smartphone

With increase in ease of access to network connectivity and trend to be connected to social media 24/7, people nowadays feel the need to get the latest gizmos like smart phones to be in their hand which virtually synchronizes their life with rest of the world. Smart phones are not only used to connect to social media like Facebook or twitter but, it does gives the options to shop online, book a cab, send emails and various other stuff through the touch of your finger. It gives you a whole new world in a nutshell.  

With all these demands to be fulfilled by a small device, various smart phone companies are making their device as similar to a computer with faster processor, longer battery life and large storage space with better pricing. This tug of war between the mobile giant companies to be at the top notch of the list gives the end customer various options to opt for a smartphone as per their needs and budget. You can easily find Latest Indian deals at online stores to buy a smart phone of your own choice.

Here are some of the basic features that you should look for while buying any smartphone:

Display and camera:

This feature mainly comprises of your phone’s display quality, full HD, IPS display with different kind of resolutions which gives a realistic image to your phone display. You should look for cameras with higher megapixel quality with 18MP to 24MP hitting the market, the phone’s camera quality have improved a lot but, keep in mind before looking for any higher megapixel phones that its display resolution and color combination should justify the higher quality of its camera as both goes hand in hand.

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Longer battery life:  

Off course you should look for a phone with longer battery life. With increase in better performance in all the smartphones the big giant companies like Xiome, Samsung, Apple etc. have increased their phone’s standby capacity from few hours to several days. There are phones available in market with 3000mah to 5000mah battery capacity which can last a phone in use or on standby mode for more than 2 to 3 days. Not only longer standby time but, faster charging facility like turbo-charging is also in trend which makes you to charge your phone to its full capacity in 15 to 30 minutes.

Storage capacity:

With increase in various mobile Apps and games, it is essential to have a better storage space in your phone to organize all the Apps along with your favorite pictures, songs and movies. Few years back most of the smartphone had limited storage facility but, add on features expanded their phone storage by external card through expandable card slots. With increase in competition nowadays all the phones have comes with better internal storage capacity from 16GB to 128GB along with expandable features. This gives you ample amount of space to organize your stuffs from Apps to movies without any difficulties.

It’s true that people are looking for MORE features in their smartphone but, what is important is to check for the features which you will be really using at the first place. With better Paytm mobile offers available finding the feature-led phone is not a big issue any more. So if you are planning to buy a new phone just keep these things in mind.