LumiTop bras for glowing boobs

Is your love life in the doldrums? Have you been cheated on by your other half, and this time you want to take revenge by bringing home the best looking guy at the club? Never mind if you don't have the greatest dance moves in the world - you will definitely be able to attract the attention of everyone in the club with these LumiTop bras which comprise of fiber optic thread that hugs your twins nicely while illuminating your surroundings, making you the life of the party. Couple that with your confidence, social skills and wicked sense of humor and you will have a deadly cocktail that will snag just about any guy you fancy in a flash. Prices for these outrageous LumiTops will start from around €100 and are capable of hitting €170, depending on just how intricate their design may be.

Product Page via BBG

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