Skuku helps you save when abroad

Skuku sounds really weird, but never mind that as long as it helps you save dough whenever you want to keep in touch with the office as well as home overseas. It brings together the versatility and familiarity of a cell phone with the relative low cost of VoIP telephony to help you call anywhere in the world without breaking the bank.

Skuku puts the power of VoIP into your SIM card. Keep your mobile phone number and pay only local rates from anywhere in the world. International calls are cheap, and calls to any Skuku user are free! Skuku is the ultimate solution for mobile roamers. Skuku allows you to call or be called using your own SIM card via an Internet connection anywhere in the world. With Skuku, you are always virtually at home, using your already familiar phone number, contact list, SMS, and SIM-based features. Skuku is a great solution to cut roaming costs.

It will cost you $10 monthly for the Skuku service - great for folks who do loads and loads of traveling!

Source: TRFJ

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