Google Adds Features to Gmail


Google has added another useful feature to it's Gmail service that will allow you to sign out of your account remotely (for those times you forget to close the browser on a public computer) and monitor activity on your account.  Do you have nosy family or friends that you think might be accessing your account?  Simply look near the bottom of your account information near the copyright information at the new text that will show you the last time your account was accessed.  A link to more details allows you to see if you are logged in to more than one system to view your mail, too.

Keep your banking information, your secret love letters, and your important shopping newsletters safe and take hold of your Gmail account with this new feature.  Listing out the information including IP address, browser, date...even saying if you (or they) are accessing via POP3 or mobile connections.  Then, you can take full control of your account and make Gmail sign out of all sessions.  This is being added to Gmail accounts over a period of time, so take a peek at your account and see if you've been updated!

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