Posh Fitness for the Business Pro

It isn’t enough to be a powerful business-person anymore- sure brains and finesse will get you started but now a days toned pecks and chiseled abs complete the package for us very important business professionals. And lucky us- Technogym®, has given birth to the Kinesis Personal Gym, so there’s no need to pay for a gym membership.

Thanks to the exclusive design of architect Antonio Citterio and assistant Toan Nguyen, the Kinesis Personal Gym offers “Fullgravity tri-dimensional movement”. Translation: with one machine you can workout every muscle in your body using the resistance cable and computerized weights; just twist the digital dial that’s built into right into the wall of your office to add on more resistance; kind of like the Total Gym but with more style than Victoria Beckam!

It’s posh and space friendly, but be ready to spend your annual bonus on your new innovative and chic gym. (Credit: Technogym.com)Walkstation

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