T-Mobile G1, Android Powered Phone

g1phoneinfo.jpgIt's out today.  The T-Mobile G1, first Android Powered phone available to the public.  Many have waited a long time for this with the whispers of new things to come and a different take on things by Google.

It certainly looks sharp from the videos online but I'd like to get my hands on one so that I could really give you insight into what it can and cannot do.  I'm sure, like with anything, there's positives and negatives of the machine.  I certainly found that with the iPhone (I can sing the praises but also look at the things that really BUG me about it, in other words) and other mobile devices that have had big releases like this G1.

Here is what T-Mobile has to say about the new G1 they are offering:


The web, wherever you go.

Experience the web just like on your computer, wherever you are with your T-Mobile G1. The browser makes your web experience fluid and natural by integrating it with other applications and features on your phone. Click on a phone number from a website, and your phone will dial it. Save images from the web as wallpaper. The list goes on and on.


Is it a dream come true for you?  If so, visit this site and check out all the features--and information on how to get YOUR hands on one!

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