Small Projector in Sight

TI has presented the Optima Pico Handheld Projector as a great gadget that's coming next year.  I look forward to the usefulness of this being integrated into our mobile phones later on so that even with our smaller displays that make our phones sleek and easy to carry, we can still utilize features like this to display photos, presentations, or information to a group.

Created to be used as a stand-alone projector, too, the Pico is planned to be used with the iPod, Playstation Portable and smaller laptops.  They are designing this projector with a clear and bright display the size of a standard piece of paper.  A good way to share those quick movies you took while out with friends, photos of your loved ones, or just to play your favorite video you just downloaded to your phone.

Currently battery powered with only a 2 hour use, I hope they work on expanding this so that you won't be stuck recharging or replacing each week, or day.  The display is based on DLP technology which currently gives a high contrast display, which is needed for something like this.  Weighs only 4 oz. so it's light and easy to carry.  They expect the price to be under $300 so this will truly be something many will contemplate for business and personal use.

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