Motion Tablet PC

mobiledock51.jpgThe new C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant has been released by Motion Computing as a semi-rugged tablet PC with upgrades to the features.  They have increased the quality of the connection (high speed wireless) and the internal drive, which is now a larger 80 GB, by adding solid state drive (SSD) option as well.  These features allow the medical field to take advantage of the light yet durable technology that's out there.

This particular tablet weighs around three pounds and is designed to keep the doctor or medical professional using it mobile.  The LCD has a splash-proof seal and you can use chemical disinfectants on both the tablet screen and the docking station.  Great breakthroughs like this will enable quick response time and information to be used for patients.  I'm sure there's a slight learning curve with some medical assistants but over time you will see computers and systems like this in use at your local doctors office.

With an RFID reader or fingerprint reader, you can be sure that patient data is kept secure and confidential, too.  The C5 virtual tour and site will give you more information.  Motion is also proud of the new Flex Carry ergonomic style that the C5 and F5 (for field use) offer.  Here is an excerpt from the Motion site with more details on the OS:

Motion tablet PCs now ship with Windows Vista® Business, which offers integrated features that improve the tablet computing experience. Benefits include improved handwriting recognition, enhanced searching capabilities, tablet input panel with auto-fill features for email addresses and URLs and pen clicks that enable users to quickly conduct an action with a simple pen gesture.

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