USB Battery Charger

batterychargerusb1.gifA4Tech has some very innovative products on their site and I was looking for a way to recharge batteries for my camera, mouse and other items, when I stumbled upon their USB Turbo Charger.  This gadget plugs into your USB port and charges upyour Ni-CD & Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, both AA and AAA types.  It also offers an extra USB port so that although you're using one to plug into, you still can make use of the one on the charger for other items.

Auto off control keeps you from using power you do not need and the LED lights will let you know the status of your batteries as they charge.  This model comes with two AA and two AAA batteries, the charger and the USB plug, making it easy to think about taking this with you when you travel.

This charger also will sense how many batteries are in and will charge as many as four batteries, but also just one if needed.  Visit the A4Tech site for more information.

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